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Cristina Lastres-López holds a BA in English Language and Literature (Santiago de Compostela, July 2015), an MA in English Linguistics (University College London, September 2016), and a PhD in English Linguistics (Santiago de Compostela, October 2020). In December 2015 she received the Extraordinary BA Award from the Faculty of Philology of the University of Santiago de Compostela, and in November 2016 the National Award for Academic Excellence (€2,500)  from the Regional Government of Galicia, in recognition of her outstanding academic record as an undergraduate student.

Cristina's PhD research was carried out at the University of Santiago de Compostela, under the supervision of Teresa Fanego and on funding from a four-year competitive grant from the Spanish Ministry of Universities (MECD grant FPU2015/02519; 24/10/2016 - 28/09/2020). In October 2020 she moved to the University of Seville on a full-time position as Substitute Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics at the Department of English Language.

Cristina has experience in research and development, as holder of a collaboration scholarship (November 2014 - June 2015) at the Department of English and German, and as PI of the project “Improving the English spelling of university students” (01/11/2015 - 30/06/2016; funding institution: University College London, Centre for Advancing Learning and Teaching). She has also been involved in the organization of various research meetings, such as the Summer School in English Corpus Linguistics 2016 organised by the Survey of English Usage (University College London) in July 2016, and IWoDA 2016: Fourth International Workshop on Discourse Analysis (University of Santiago de Compostela, 29-30 September 2016). In October 2019 and November 2020 she was awarded funding (€1.625 and €1.178 respectively) from the Vicerrectorate for Research and Innovation to support open access publishing of two of her journal articles.

Between 2016 and 2019 Cristina was a member of the Executive Board of the Spanish Association of Young Researchers in Linguistics (‘Asociación de Jóvenes Lingüistas’) and was also on the Editorial Board of  its online journal Estudios Interlingüísticos. From November 2018 to October 2019 she served as President of the association and as the journal's Editor-in-Chief.

In the Spring of 2018 Cristina was away at the Department of English of University College London, on a three-month research stay funded by MECD grant EST17/00189; her advisor at UCL was Professor Bas Aarts. From March to May 2019 she was a visiting scholar at KU Leuven, under funding from MECD grant EST18/00126; her advisor was Professor Kristin Davidse.

Contact information:

Departamento de Filología Inglesa (Lengua Inglesa)
Facultad de Filología
University of Seville
C/ Palos de la Frontera s/n
E-41004 Sevilla, Spain

MA Dissertation (September 2016): The syntax-pragmatics interface of insubordination in English: A corpus-based study. Grade obtained: Distinction ('Matrícula de Honor'). Supervisor: Bas Aarts (University College London).

PhD Dissertation (22 October 2020): A functional-pragmatic approach to if/si-constructions in English, French and Spanish: A corpus-based study (International Doctorate; grade: Cum laude). Supervisor: Teresa Fanego. Examiners: Professors Ignacio Palacios (USC), Diana M. Lewis (Aix-Marseille), Carlos Prado-Alonso (Oviedo).

H-index & Publications:

(2022, forthcoming). "Morphosyntactic and pragmatic variation in conditional constructions in English and Spanish parliamentary discourse". In Parliamentary discourse across time and space: Using big data to study language and society, ed. by Minna Korhonen, Haidee Kotze & Jukka Tyrkkö. Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

(2021). From subordination to insubordination: A functional-pragmatic approach to if/si-constructions in English, French and Spanish spoken discourse. (Linguistic Insights 280). Bern: Peter Lang. 254 pp. ISBN 978-3-0343-4220-9.

(2021). "Conditionals in conversation: A contrastive corpus-based study in English, French and Spanish". In Language and Linguistics in a Complex World. Data, Interdisciplinarity, Transfer, and the Next Generation. ICAME 41 Heidelberg Digital Conference (Heidelberg University and University of Cologne, Germany, May 20-23, 2020),  ed. by Beatrix Busse, Nina Dumrukcic & Ruth Möhlig-Falke. Köln:  KUPS - Cologne University Publication Server, pp. 160-162.

(2020). "On the variation between if and whether in English and their Spanish equivalents". In Lingüística prospectiva. Tendencias actuales en estudios de la lengua entre jóvenes investigadores, ed. by Cristóbal José Álvarez López, María Carrillo Rivas, Diego Jiménez Palmero, María Méndez Orense, Adriana Moratinos Flórez, María Soledad Padilla Herrada, Víctor Pérez Béjar, Marta Rodríguez Manzano, Ana María Romera Manzanares & Natalia Silva López. Sevilla: Editorial Universidad de Sevilla, pp. 539-550. ISBN: 978-84-472-2120-2

(2020). "Beyond conditionality: On the pragmaticalization of interpersonal if-constructions in English conversation". Journal of Pragmatics 157: 68-83. DOI: [Available in open access.]

(2020). "Subordination and insubordination in Contemporary Spoken English: If-clauses as a case in point". English Today 36(2): 48-52. [Available in open access.]

(2019). "Conditionals in spoken courtroom and parliamentary discourse in English, French and Spanish: A contrastive analysis". In Corpus-based research on variation in English legal discourse, ed. by Teresa Fanego & Paula Rodríguez-Puente. Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins, pp. 51-78. [Volume reviews: Zhiying Xin & Jiawei Wang, International Journal of Speech, Language and the Law 26(1) (2019): 1-6; Marijana Javornik Čubrić, LINGUIST List, issue 30.4177 (Nov 05 2019); Haoda Feng, Applied Linguistics 40 (2019): 1-4; Zhengrui Han, Discourse Studies 22/2 (2020): 243-245; Christopher Williams, Research in Corpus Linguistics 8/1 (2020): 178-194; Virginia Mattioli, Miscelánea. A Journal of English and American Studies 63 (2021): 179-184.]

(2018). "Examining English spelling at British universities". In Novas perspectivas na lingüística aplicada ed. by Marta Díaz Ferro, Jorge Diz Ferreira, Ania Pérez Pérez & Ana Varela Suárez. Lugo: Axac, pp. 429-436.

(2018). "Exploring if / whether variation in subordinate interrogatives". Nordic Journal of English Studies 17(2): 156-181.

(2018). "If-insubordination in spoken British English: Syntactic and pragmatic properties". Language Sciences 66 (March issue): 42-59.

(2017). "Errors in L1 and L2 university students’ writing in English: Grammar, spelling and punctuation". RAEL. Revista Electrónica de Lingüística Aplicada 16(1): 118-134. [First author, with Gianpaolo Manalastas.]

(2017). Review of Kate Beeching (2016): Pragmatic markers in British English: Meaning in social interaction.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Estudios interlingüísticos 5: 146-151.

(2016). "On the origin and linguistic features of an English-based creole language: The case of Jamaican Creole". Revista académica liLETRAd 2: 519-526.

Conference presentations:

15-20 November 2021: "La focalización de la información en el discurso en inglés: Propuesta de enseñanza universitaria basada en actividades de contraste". III Congreso Internacional de Innovación Docente e Investigación en Educación Superior: Cambios en el proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje de las Áreas del Conocimiento, Madrid.

15 January 2021: participation in the panel "Student resources during a pandemic: Linguistic Society of America Student Ambassadors share their experiences and insight", 95th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America (online). [Jointly with Lillian Jones (University of California, Davis), John Powell (University of Arizona) & Samuel Jambrovic (University of Toronto).]

26 August-1 September 2020: 53rd Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, SLE 2020 Platform (previously Bucharest): "Pragmaticalization and decategorialization in conditional constructions: Evidence from English and Spanish".

20-24 May 2020: ICAME 41, Heidelberg University: "Conditionals in conversation: A contrastive corpus-based study in English, French and Spanish" [paper within the workshop Crossing the borders: Complex contrastive data and the next generation].

18-20 September 2019: XXXIV Congreso Internacional de la Asociación de Jóvenes Lingüistas, University of Valencia: "Conditional insubordination in English and French conversation: A corpus pragmatics approach". 

21-24 August 2019: 52nd Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, University of Leipzig (Germany): "Exploring the functions of conditional constructions at the right and left periphery: Evidence from English and French".

19 June 2019: III Encontro '¿Qué estamos tramando?', Facultad de Filología, University of Santiago de Compostela: invited presentation on "La insubordinación con marcadores condicionales en inglés, francés y español: Una aproximación pragmático-funcional".

1-5 June 2019: ICAME 40, University of Neuchâtel (Switzwerland): “The pragmaticalization path of conditional clauses in English and Spanish: A corpus-based study” [full paper].

15-17 May 2019: CILC2019, University of Valencia: "Interpersonal conditionals in spoken English: Expressing stance and engagement through conditional clauses".

23 April 2019: Invited presentation, Research group FunC: Functional and Cognitive Linguistics, KU Leuven (Belgium): "Conditional subordination and insubordination in English, French and Spanish: A functional-pragmatic approach".

7-9 November 2018: 42nd AEDEAN Conference, University of Córdoba: "The discourse-pragmatic functions of conditionals in legal English, French and Spanish: A corpus-based study".

17-19 October 2018: XXXIII Congreso de la Asociación de Jóvenes Lingüistas, University of Castilla-La Mancha: "Quantifying conditionality: On the notion of conditionality and the discourse functions of if-clauses".

17-20 July 2018: ISLE 5 (Fifth International Conference of the International Society for the Linguistics of English), University College London (UK): "On the use of modal verbs in conditional clauses in English".

9-11 November 2017: 32º Congreso Internacional de la Asociación de Jóvenes Lingüistas, University of Seville: "On if/whether variation in English and their Spanish equivalents".

10-13 September 2017: 50th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, University of Zurich (Switzerland): “Conditional clauses in functional-cognitive space”.

24-28 July 2017: 9th International Corpus Linguistics Conference, University of Birmingham: "The pragmatics of insubordinate if-clauses in British English: A corpus-based study".

6-9 June 2017: 9th International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE 9), University of Málaga: "On the variation between if and whether in British English".

30 May 2017: IDAES Graduate Day 2017, University of A Coruña: "Towards a functional-cognitive typology of if-clauses in English and their Spanish and French equivalents".

25-28 May 2017: 8th International Contrastive Linguistics Conference (ICLC 8), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece): "Exploring conditional clauses in English, Spanish and French: Contrastive discourse-functional considerations".

4 March 2017: 14th Corpus Linguistics in the South Conference. Corpus Linguistics and Multilingualism, Birkbeck, University of London (United Kingdom): "Comparing if-clauses in English with their Spanish and French equivalents: A corpus-based study across genres".

24-25 October 2016: 3rd International Conference on Contrastive Linguistics. Various Dimensions of Contrastive Studies (VDOCS 2016), University of Silesia, Katowice (Poland): "Conditionals across languages: A corpus-based study of if-clauses in English and their Spanish and French equivalents".

19-21 October 2016: XXXI Congreso Internacional de la Asociación de Jóvenes Lingüistas, University of Vigo: "English spelling at British universities: A comparison between the writing of native and non-native students".

15-16 September 2016: IV Congreso Internacional de Lingüística, Literatura y Cultura. Cambios y transiciones: Enfoques múltiples dentro de la lingüística, el bilingüismo, la literatura y cultura, Catholic University of Murcia: "A preliminary corpus-based approach to if/whether variation in closed subordinate interrogatives".

6-8 July 2016: Congreso Internacional de Literatura, Lengua y Traducción liLETRAd 2016, University of Seville: "The emergence of an English-based creole language: Some notes on the origin and linguistic features of Jamaican Creole".

14-16 April 2016: 34º Congreso Internacional de la Asociación Española de Lingüística Aplicada (AESLA), University of Alicante: "Exploring if/si-clauses in spoken academic discourse: A contrastive English-Spanish-French study".

7-8 July 2015: Congreso Internacional de Literatura, Lengua y Traducción liLETRAd 2015, University of Seville: "Towards a typology of if-clauses in English and their Spanish and French equivalents: Evidence from the spoken academic genre".

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